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Characteristics of Several Rubber Used in Conveyor Belt
Addtime:2019-1-16 10:09:44   Author:双虎   Clicks:145

NBR rubber has good mechanical properties. It can resist mineral oil, hot water, ozone, A, B, C, butane, etc. - 40 - 120 to make O rings, oil-sealed bowls and so on. It can be used as static or dynamic seals in general hydraulic start-up system.
EPDM epoxy ethylene propylene terpolymer has high temperature, steam resistance, weak acid resistance and no mineral oil brake oil-40-160 for high temperature gas seal up to (200 degrees) & nbsp; < br />. Fluororubber FKM is heat-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, chemical-resistant, mineral oil-resistant, extrusion-resistant and aging-resistant. It is generally used in harsh environment, such as static sealing of metallurgical industry and large construction machinery.
Polyurethane TPU is an oil-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, non-toxic, high wear-resistant material. - 40-100 is used for shaft, hole GY seal ring and FS dust-proof seal in cylinder.
Polyformaldehyde POM has good oil resistance, wear resistance, high compressive strength, good impact resistance, good self-lubrication and dimensional stability. -30-140 to make guide slip rings, retaining rings, supporting rings, etc. & nbsp; < br /> PTEF has good chemical stability, resistance to high, low temperature and various media, low friction coefficient and self-lubrication. The sealing materials commonly used in 260~260 machines are used to make wear-resistant rings, guide rings, metallurgical, solid, construction machinery and so on.
Nylon MC has nylon 1010 and nylon 66 oil-containing casting nylon with good chemical and mechanical properties, which can replace some metal mechanical products. - 10-200 is used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, steel industry.
MVQ silicone rubber has heat resistance, cold resistance, compression permanence, small deformation, but low mechanical strength. - 60 ~ 230 is suitable for high, low temperature, low speed rotation and sealing of various food machinery.
Polyphenylene sulfide PPS is a kind of high performance engineering plastics. It has high strength and good insulation - 40 ~ 260. It is used in petroleum, oil well survey and high insulation parts of power electronics.